Tuesday, 5 February 2008

To Travel Somewhere

To Travel Somewhere
was made as a result of an artists placement at Adobe/Macromedia in San Francisco.

The aim of the placement was to explore ways in which mobile technology intersects with social experience.

I began this project by asking people I met on the streets to direct me to their favourite place. I followed their directions documenting the route in image and video on my mobile phone. This material was later loaded onto the project web site and positioned on a map using GPS co-ordinates.

The project took place in three cities - San Francisco, USA, Cambridge, UK and Helsinki, FI. All cities synonymous with the development of mobile technology

I was directed to swimming pools, caf├ęs, parks, rooftops, harbours, rivers, museums, markets, bars. I met other people on the way, took detours, got lost, but usually found the right place in the end.

On the web site a kind of psycho-geography or alternative portrait of the city is created as we discover places through the memories of others.

Julie Myers

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