Sunday, 30 September 2007

Cross River Park

Mat & Kevin, I said that I would send you this link at the end of last year (there is a huge amount of info, embedded in here)

Cross River Park, Thames Gateway. This is the product of a Diploma Unit running at London Metropolitan (run by CHORA)

The Architecture of Parking

Neil the book I was talking about was 'The Architecure of Parking' (they have 3 copies in Waterstones Canterbury; to flick through). The last chapter with the contemporary stuff is very interesting.

They have a fair amount of info on the BD site

The two projects that jumped out were:

OMA, Souterrain Tram Tunnel, The Hauge (the linking of 2 transport hubs, underground, plus parking)

Aranda/Lasch, 10 Mile Spiral, Las Vegas (the beauty of parking at 55 miles per hour)

Building Design Class 0f 2007

Just in case anybody missed it BD has an overview of some of last years student shows and student diploma work.

Plus you can download Paul Maich's full project from dezeen (bottom of the page 2 pdf files)

Friday, 28 September 2007

First review of the year...

Light works - crit and selection for exhibition.

please be pinned up and have projectors on standby ready for a prompt start. It is your responsmibility to get projectors if needed for animations - sharing would make sense..

I draw your attention to the output specifications in the brief -

For individuals working alone
A minimum of 5 full colour, high quality full bleed images on semi gloss photo-grade paper, cropped and mounted for exhibition on 3.5mm foam board.

For groups
A minimum of 5 full colour, high quality full bleed images on semi gloss photo-grade paper, cropped and mounted for exhibition on 3.5mm foam board.

Also a minimum 30 second animation presented as Quicktime movie, size 720x594 px 16:9 aspect ratio


Any work which does not meet submission requirements will be disregarded and may be summarily destroyed in an extravagant and public ceremony.


But - hey - lets have some fun...

Tuesday 2nd October 12.30 for 1.00pm in the Atrium

Sao Paolo Mayor---genius or.....?

At the beginning of this year the mayor of Sao Paolo Brazil passed a law to make all forms of public advertising, from the mega-billboard to the flickering neon sign of the liquor store illegal.

The result speaks for itself---check out the photo set on flikr:


Thursday, 27 September 2007

gentlemen, start your bookmarks...

This is a Dutch Tax office - it would be better/more fun if it was in the UK when it would certainly leak - however its kinda cute, no?
more details and many more-or less- groovy projects at thecoolhunter

If you don't know this site - you do now.

Robodock 07

The 10th Robodock Arts & Technology Festival that took place in Amsterdam last weekend. Interesting as event architecture... have a look


There is an mp4 slideshow here

photo by PharPhoto / Aaron Butler

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Lets get to it...

Hi - UCCA diplomanauts, I am sending you all logins so you can post to this blog. I hope it will build over the year into a valuable resource. Post often - and anything you feel worth seeing - architectural or not (In case you're wondering the pic is one of mine).