Thursday, 25 October 2007

Morpho-Towers---Two Standing Spirals

Morpho Towers--Two Standing Spirals is an installation that consists of two ferrofluid sculptures that moves synthetically to music. The two spiral towers stand on a large plate that hold ferrofluid. When the music starts, the magnetic field around the tower is strengthened. Spikes of ferrofluid are born from the bottom plate and move up, trembling and rotating around the edge of the iron spiral.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007


heres a list of weblinks to interesting Landscape Urbanism projects and designers. might just be useful.......

MFO Park, Zurich, Switzerland
Multi-tiered vine park

Parque de Diagonal Mar, Barcelona Spain
Misting Vine Pergola

Palio de Bougainvilleas
Wind Adapted Road Canopy Strcuture
West 8

Olympic Structure Park, Seattle
Mechanically stabilized landform
Weiss/Manfredi Architects

Wonder Holland, Rome
Floating Glass Plain
West 8

The High Line, Section I, New York City
Field Operations
Navigate from website via projects:

Safe Zone, 7th International Gardens Festival, Reford Gardens, Grand Metis
StoSS landscape Urbanism

Maritime Youth House, Sundby Harbour, Copenhagen
Surface Inversion

Allianz Arena Munich Stadium, Munich
Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten + Herzog + de Meuron
Weaving Porous and Nonporous surfaces

Shoulder Hedge, The Lurie Garden, Millenium Park, Chicago
Hedge Trimming Armature
Gustafon Guthrie Nichol Ltd + PPPiet Oudolf + Robert Israel

Hybridized Hydrologies, Erie Street Plaza, Milwaukee
Artificial Winter Microclimate for a Bamboo Garden
StoSS Landscape Urbanism

Former British Petroleum Park
Bio-Remediation Park Design
McGregor + Partners

Daimler Chrysler Potsdamer Platz, Berlin
Water-Cleansing Biotope
Atelier Dreiseitl

Sidwell Friends School, Washington
Andropogon Associates + Kieran Timberlake Associates + Natural Systems

Cultuurpark Wetergasfabriek, Amsterdam
Strategic Contaminated Soil Replacement
Gustafson Porter

Ephemeral Structures, Olympic Games, Athens
Pneumatic Body

Courtyard in the Wind, Munich
Powered by wind, the ground is turnable
Acconci Studio + Wolfgang Hermann Niemeyer

Harvey Milk Memorial, San Francisco
Responsive Cloud Machine
Christian Werthmann + LOMA architecture.landscape.urbanism

Pitterpatterns, Stuttgart
Computer Animated Rain
J. MAYER H. Architekten

Wind Veil, Mesa Arts Centre, Mesa, Arizona
Dynamic Thermal Wind Wall
Ned Kahn

Exhange Square,Manchester
Martha Schwartz Inc.

The Aesthetics of Urban Renewal
Online slide show review of MOMA’s exhibition Groundswell

Shanghai Carpet
Tom Leader Studio + Skidmore owings & Merrill LLP

Southeast Coastal Park, Barcelona
Foreign Office Architects

Duisburg-Nord Landscape Park

Northeast Coastal Park, Barcelona
Abalos + Herreros

Maya tutorials

Hi All,

some of you have asked where to find online Maya tutorials:
here are some places. Enjoy...your eyes may look like this, after a while, though.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Park & Jog - Buschow & Henley

Park + Jog regenerates its surroundings, bringing activity and value to blighted sections of the city, and it radically alters the political situation for the suburb and the heartless commute it makes inevitable. In 2006 it was shown at the Van Alen Institute in New York as part of the international exhibition “The Good Life - New Public Spaces for Recreation”.

Our utopian scheme is envisioned for a 1km stretch of the A6 road between Salford University and Manchester city centre. The road is transformed into a 4-lane linear park. One lane is grassed, another a water channel, another sand and the last a running track. Parking their cars in a multi-storey car park, commuters can change in the facilities provided and head east into Manchester walking, jogging, cycling, rollerblading, horse riding, swimming or rowing.


Saturday, 13 October 2007

Another 'Smashing' article on Data Visualization

It has a lot of the same examples as below and also includes an interesting interview


Friday, 12 October 2007

Wish i'd found this earlier! :) still, loads of ideas for data visualisation and diagramming.

Architecture and Situated Technologies

Online results from a 3-day symposium bringing together researchers and practitioners from art, architecture, technology and sociology to explore the emerging role of "situated" technologies in the design and inhabitation of the contemporary metapolis.

Some of the presentations are worth a look and the bibliography is ok too....

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Intereseting in relation to diagrams as interactive machines.


Saturday, 6 October 2007


Hi all.
I thought i would post this for those of you interested in CG. It's one of my favourite indie animations of all time :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

smoke signals

This is a nice project from an old colleague of mine - Theo Spyroupolous.

“Participants engage in a collective act of writing space through the use of light as a virtual writing machine onto ephemeral plumes of smoke,” explain Minimaforms. In other words, onlookers can text messages which are then displayed using light projected into plumes of smoke. Their texts “are fed through dynamic coding that recognizes, archives and plays back a real time visualization. This visualization is then grafted onto trajectories of smoke that form a dynamic ephemeral field that is affected by all external forces in the space of performance. Through turbulence the smoke writes or erases the grafting of the inputted text.”


Monday, 1 October 2007

Asymptote building stuff - surely not?

image: Asymptote

Asymptote has unveiled another major Asian project, extending the complexity and scope of their kinetic work with a 10.8-million-square-foot mixed-use, zero-carbon complex in Penang, Malaysia. In a statement, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi called the project, known as the Penang Global City, “a high-caliber development” that will serve as “a catalyst for the NCER and an important factor in the Malaysian economy as a whole.” The NCER is the Northern Corridor Economic Region, a recently created development zone along Malaysia’s northern border.

“It’s certainly a place that’s off the map, but it’s trying to get on there,” Asymptote principal Hani Rashid told AN. He said that in ambition, the city’s goals are analogous to those of Bilbao, Abu Dhabi, and Kuala Lumpur, all of which have used architecture to raise their global profile in one way or another. “When people think of Malaysia, they uually think of the Petronas Towers,” Rashid said. “Now the government wants to bring that attention to the northern corridor.”

I wonder who is drawing the construction set??

from here


Paolo Pedercini is a mad bastard, and the McDonald's game is his sharp, procedural satire of how fast food is a corrupt industry by necessity. The game is set up so that you cannot win without compromising. Try it, you'll see. While you can maintain mild growth without using hormones or genetically modified crops, your bosses will not be satisfied. To really succeed, you have to employ what some might call "unnatural" means, though at Corporate, they call it "McFriendly growth measures".

The game is drawn with a crazy flair, the blood splattered happy meal at the title screen should be some indication. There are subtle touches, like the joint perpetually hung out the mouth of a marketer, or the fact that some of your customers are men with beards wearing skirts -- a byproduct of the randomly combinatorial nature of the character generation system. Watching the constant flow of people getting their trays, then walking off, is sickly hypnotic; it's the core pulse of the game's system, where the commodities turn into cash and complete the play loop, and its also an abstraction of something that is going on all over the world, many times a second. The illustrations and writing are pretty on-point as well (hint: before you bulldoze the Amazonian village to plant more GMO soy, start a "McDonald's for the Third World" campaign).

via Playthisthing