Saturday, 14 February 2009


This Otto Neurath inspired narrative is part of the work 'Book from the Ground' by Brooklyn based artist Xu Bing. He is even developing a computer programm that translates from different languages into the pictoral language of isotypes. Read the artist:

Book from the Ground is a novel written in a 'language of icons' that I have been collecting and organizing over the last few years. Regardless of cultural background, one should be able understand the text as long as one is thoroughly entangled in modern life. We have also created a 'font library' computer program to accompany the book. The user can type English sentences (we are still limited in this way, but the next step will include Chinese and other major languages) and the computer will instantaneously translate them into this language of icons. It can function as a 'dictionary,' and in the future it will have practical applications.

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Friday, 13 February 2009

transition city

Next social meeting:
Tuesday 17th at the farmhouse, 7pm onwards. including a screening of The Power of Community

Thursday, 12 February 2009

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No! it’s a… Hostel?!

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No! it’s a… Hostel?!: "

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Visitors traveling to Stockholm will find soon themselves with the option of sleeping on a plane! That may not sound like the most exciting proposition until you realize that the 747-200 in which they will be sleeping has been retired from flying, salvaged from being dumped somewhere to rot and turned into a low-cost, fully-furnished hostel that is perfect for overnight accommodation.



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Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Office for Metropolitan Architecture recently has presented a masterplan for the North Sea, claiming that wind farms in the North Sea can produce as much energy as the oil from the Persian Gulf is now. The plan was inspired by Hugo Graat, who in 1609 highlited that the sea should be a binding medium between nations, enabling communicating and exchanging ideas.
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Build Your Own Light Lane

Build Your Own Light Lane: "

This is an interesting concept... create your own nighttime bike lane, when none is available. The idea is that you could still ride on the street, but that cars would see and respect your bike lane. Who knows, they might even think its real?! At the very least, the lasers would help to illuminate the riders so that they are more easily visible.
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Sky TV

Sky TV: "[Image: From the series Cloud Projections by Blake Gordon].

Photographer Blake Gordon has been documenting the geometric effects of light pollution in Austin, Texas, capturing thinly defined shapes in the clouds, projected upward from the tops of buildings.
It's an accidental ornamentation of the city sky – or what Gordon calls Cloud Projections.

[Image: From the series Cloud Projections by Blake Gordon].

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Earrings for Spontaneous Seeding

Craig, perhaps a way of accessorizing your seed vest? You should forward your project to NEXT NATURE, who will probably be interested....

Earrings for Spontaneous Seeding: "

earrings for spontaneous seeding

Seed bombs away, because these earrings may awake the Guerilla Gardener in you…

You never know when an opportunity for planting might present itself. Be prepared with these tiny glass bottles filled with vegetable and flower seeds. Great for secretively planting in friends’ yards, medians, and those boring beds full of petunias outside your doctor’s office.

By Lea Redmond |

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2009 Open Architecture Challenge

2009 Open Architecture Challenge: "This year's Open Architecture Challenge -- a biennal open, international design competition run by Architecture for Humanity and Orient Global -- asks designers 'to work with students and teachers to design the classroom of the future for a school of your choosing.'


Click the image above for more information. Registration deadline is May 1, and the submission deadline is one month later."

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